Video is a great way to relay your message to your audience. It can help explain complex processes, tell your story, convey a sense of place, make boring content more interactive and inviting, and better connect with your audience.

Using Video on the Website

To display a video on the website, contact Strategic Communications and Marketing to have the video uploaded to PCC's YouTube channel. We use YouTube to house all videos and the YouTube player and API to pull videos into the website.

Making a Video

There are a few avenues you can use for getting a video produced.

  1. Use the in-house video team. We have a great in-house video production team that can help you create your video. From story boarding to final editing, they are a great resource to help produce your video. Contact Strategic Communications and Marketing to get started.
  2. Hire a third party approved vendor. If you have a preferred vendor or want to hire outside of PCC, you are welcome to do so, but please contact Strategic Communications and Marketing prior to hiring a third party so we can discuss your project.
  3. Do it yourself. There are a number of technologies available at relatively inexpensive prices to produce your own video or you can even rent equipment. You're welcome to create your own videos, but in order for them to be published to the PCC website, you will need to get approval from Strategic Communications and Marketing. Prior to starting your project contact Strategic Communications and Marketing so they are aware of the project and can provide guidance.

If you have any questions or want to discuss a video project, contact Strategic Communications and Marketing.