Approval Process

Each event needs to be reviewed by the Web Office for accessibility, appropriateness and accuracy prior to publishing to the PCC website. Additionally, the content of the event will be reviewed to make sure it aligns with PCC's Writing Style Guide.

Editorial Workflow

As an Event Contributor, you will submit your event to the Web Office to be published.

  1. Submit your event to the Web Office.
  2. The Web Office will review your event. If there are no issues, they will Publish the event. If there are any issues or questions, the Web Office will contact you and you may need to edit and resubmit.
  3. Upon successful Publish, your event will be added the PCC main Calendar, as well as any organizational or specific calendars you have set up on your site or section of the website.

Submitting to the Workflow

After you have added your event details (see Creating/ Editing an Event), you will submit your event to be reviewed and published.

Upon hitting "Submit for Review" a popup will appear:

  1. Set a Priority
  2. If you would like a Publish date in the future, set the Publish Date
  3. Within Comments, leave the reviewer any notes include whether you'd like the event featured (remember, Featured events need to have a Featured Image).
  4. Click Submit

Viewing Workflow Status

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Dashboard
  2. On the left side, toward the top, find Workflows. Hover over Workflows and click on "Reports"
  3. Then click on either Current Assignments to see who has been assigned to your Event or click on Workflow Submissions to see all your submission and their status.

Cancel a Workflow

  1. Go to the Event
  2. On the right side under "Publish" click "Cancel Workflow"

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