MIT 101 introduces students to multiple disciplines through the completion of one semester-long robotics project. This course is co-taught by four instructors teaching the basics of welding, machining, electronic circuit programming, and 3D CAD modeling. Students will manufacture and assemble an autonomous robotic vehicle and write programming control code. Lab sessions cover motion control concepts and theories. A significant part of the project will be dedicated to the design and fabrication of a custom vehicle body of the student’s own design. Fabrication will be through the use of laser-cutting and 3D printing technologies. 

CAD model of student’s design

Final fabricated prototype

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  1. Implement a project plan to utilize industrial technology in manufacturing of electromechanical devices.
  2. Develop the design process for an autonomous platform
  3. Evaluate the design process and prototype with a known matrix.