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Gain a strong foundation in dance and greatly increases your success in auditions and acceptance into BA/BFA programs at colleges and universities!

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Transfer to a BFA Program

Looking to transfer to a BFA Program in Dance? PCC provides an enriching program that offers the broad-based foundation that you will need to prepare for acceptance and success in a University dance program. Use these guidelines to prepare to enter a BFA program as a transfer student.

 Always be enrolled in a Dance Technique Class

To transfer into a BFA program in dance you will need to be dancing on a daily basis, and you should be dancing at the advanced level of Ballet and Modern Dance at PCC by the time you audition for a BFA program. Most BFA programs expect transfer students to be dancing at their 2nd year level of Ballet and Modern Dance, which are equivalent to our level 4 technique classes.

Perform at PCC

You should participate in a dance performance during at least one semester, but we recommend that you take our Dance Performance Class (Dance 22AB) to gain the performance and production experience that is expected of a third-year BFA student.

Take Improvisation

All BFA auditions place an emphasis on improvisation, so by taking this course, you will prepare yourself for this part of your BFA audition. By taking this course, you will also become more comfortable as a mover and start to develop your own dancing style. You will also be introduced to Contact Improvisation skills in this class, which is the basis for most contemporary partnering.

Take Choreography

One component of your BFA audition will require you to perform a solo that you have choreographed. The best way to prepare for this part of the audition is by taking at least a beginning composition class where you will be taught how to create a well-made solo. Even if you do not plan on focusing on choreography, contemporary dancers are expected to contribute to the compositional process and to understand contemporary practices in dance-making.

 Complete your General Education Classes

Most BFA programs only accept transfer students who meet the necessary academic requirements of all transfer students. While you are at PCC, you should focus on completing your General Education/Lower Division coursework needed for a Humanities or Fine-Arts degree to meet this BFA requirement. Because each school has different requirements, you should meet with a Transfer Counselor to discuss the requirements of the schools you are interested in applying to.

Get Application and Audition Information from Schools you’re interested in

Each school has a different application deadline and audition dates. Be sure to check with the schools you plan on auditioning for so that you meet all of their requirements.

In addition to finding out as much as you can about the program you are auditioning for, be sure to share with your PCC professors that you plan on auditioning. We’ll do everything we can to help you prepare for your big day!