Whether you’re trying out dance for the first time, trying to satisfy a General Education requirement, or seriously pursuing the art of dance, our Dance Department offers you a wide variety of courses.

Dance Courses Offered

At PCC, you can learn and train in dance technique classes, choreography, improvisation, performance, as well as study dance history. Our curriculum offers the important courses you need to transfer into a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Dance Program, training for the pre-professional, and life-enrichment.

Students perform in a dance recital at Pasadena City College.

Some of our courses have prerequisites. If you have dance experience and feel that you meet the qualifications for a certain class, you may be able to have the pre-requisites cleared based on faculty recommendations. Before you will be allowed to enroll in upper-level classes, you will need to get prerequisite clearance first. To clear a prerequisite, please visit the division office.
  • Dance History, World Arts and Cultures (Dance 21A)*
  • Dance History, Spectacle and Performance - Contemporary Dance History (Dance 21B)*
  • Movement for Child Development (Dance 25)
  • Beginning Choreography and Composition (Dance 8A) +
  • Intermediate Choreography and Composition (Dance 8B) +
  • Improvisation (Dance 12) +
  • Dance Performance (Dance 22AB) +

Ballet (4 levels)

  • Dance 11A – Ballet 1 +
  • Dance 11B – Ballet 2 +
  • Dance 11C – Ballet 3 *
  • Dance 11D – Ballet 4 *

Modern (4 levels)

  • Dance 9A – Modern 1 +
  • Dance 9B – Modern 2 +
  • Dance 9C – Modern 3 *
  • Dance 9D – Modern 4 *

Jazz (4 levels)

  • Dance 6A – Tap +
  • Dance 6B – Tap 2
  • Dance 6C – Tap 3
  • Dance 6D – Tap 4

Social Dance (1 level)

  • Dance 5A & 5B

Flamenco (2 levels)

  • Dance 4H

Improvisation Dance 12 +

Pilates – Dance 13

* Denotes courses that typically articulate into a Dance BFA program. All BFA Programs have their own criteria and may require that you retake the classes at their institution in order to graduate.

+ Courses that you should take for the sake of experience if you're preparing for a BFA in dance. Note that these courses do not satisfy requirements for articulation.