Applied Music classes relate directly to playing an instrument or singing. These classes include vocal and instrumental techniques classes for beginners, intermediate, amd advanced students as well as private lessons, and advanced repertoire classes. The overall goal of these classes is to help you develop performance and technical skills on your instrument or voice.

Applied Music Course Options

We offer technique classes for instruments and voice instruction for all levels — beginning through advanced. These classes provide you with a great way to prepare for further music study by learning new instruments and gaining valuable experience as a future music educator. 

Instrumental Techniques Courses

  • MUSC 015 Seminar In Conducting
  • MUSC 081A First Year Classical Guitar
  • MUSC 081B First Year Classical Guitar
  • MUSC 081C Second Year Classical Guitar
  • MUSC 083A Beginning Guitar
  • MUSC 083B Beginning Guitar
  • MUSC 084 ntermediate Guitar
  • MUSC 085A Beginning Woodwind Techniques
  • MUSC 085B Beginning Woodwid Techniques
  • MUSC 086A Beginning Brass Techniques
  • MUSC 086B Beginning Brass Techniques
  • MUSC 087A Percussion Instrument Techniques
  • MUSC 088A Beginning String Techniques
  • MUSC 088B Beginning String Techniques
  • MUSC 112A Electric Bass Techniques
  • MUSC 112B Electric Bass Repertoire

  • MUSC 115 Contemporary Guitar Techniques
  • MUSC 116 Drum Set Techniques
  • MUSC 121 Latin Percussion Techniques
  • MUSC 045A Instrumental Improvisation
  • MUSC 045B Instrumental Improvisation
  • MUSC 117 Rhythm Section Techniques
  • MUSC 144 Introduction To Improvisation
  • MUSC 004A Keyboard Skills I
  • MUSC 004B Keyboard Skills II
  • MUSC 004C Keyboard Skills III 
  • MUSC 004D Keyboard Skills IV
  • MUSC 034A Jazz Keyboard Skills
  • MUSC 034B Advanced Jazz Keyboard Skills
  • MUSC 041A First Year Piano
  • MUSC 041B First Year Piano
  • MUSC 042A Second Year Piano 

Learn to use and care for your voice in the healthiest way possible.  You will develop a regular practice routine that includes exercises for breath management, body alignment and tone quality that will strengthen your instrument and will make singing easier and more enjoyable. No prior experience required for beginning levels.

Voice Techniques Courses

  • MUSC 071A Voice Techniques
  • MUSC 071B Voice Techniques
  • MUSC 072 Second Year Voice Techniques
  • MUSC 073A Vocal Performance Techniques
  • MUSC 073B Vocal Performance Techniques
  • MUSC 171A Techniques Of Popular Singing
  • MUSC 171B Techniques Of Popular Singing
  • MUSC 144 Introduction To Improvisation

The Class Piano track is a course series designed to develop fundamental piano skills for non-music majors.

Class Piano Courses

  • MUSC 041a First Year Piano
  • MUSC 041b First Year Piano
  • MUSC 042a Second Year Piano
  • MUSC 042b Second Year Piano

Our individual Instruction courses make up a four semester-long program meant for serious music students. During these classes, you will get instruction on your specific instrument or voice and participate in a weekly performance skills class. The Individual Instruction program requires an audition and is intended for those who have reached a college level of proficiency in music and have time to devote to the program.

Program Components

Individual Instruction program has the following mandatory components:

  1. Participation in Music 9, Individual Instruction, a weekly performance skills course. There are several class sections to choose from which are listed under Music 9 in the Schedule of Classes.
  2. You will need to register in two corequisite classes, including:
    • A large performance ensemble, suitable for your instrument and style (classical or jazz).
    • Music 10, Concert Music, where you attend a weekly professional concert performance.
  3. You must attend nine hours of individual lessons per semester with a highly qualified professional musician.
  4. Complete five hours and thirty minutes of practice per week on campus in the music facilities.
  5. Participate in an end-of-semester jury before the performance faculty.


Once admitted to the Individual Instruction program, you will be able to choose from two sequences: Classical and Jazz.

Classical Students Sequence

  • First Semester - Music 9A (by audition)
  • Second Semester - Music 9B
  • Third Semester - Music 9C
  • Fourth Semester - Music 9C (second time) classical

Jazz Students Sequence

  • First Semester - Music 9A (by audition)
  • Second Semester - Music 9D
  • Third Semester - Music 9E
  • Fourth Semester - Music 9E (second time) Jazz

Additional Course Info

Learn more about our courses in Applied Music! Use the links below to see full course descriptions and see our current semester offerings.

Applied Music Individual Instruction (AMII) Audition Information

Auditions are required for all students new to Applied Music Individual Instruction and any students changing areas or returning after a break of a semester or more. 

The AMII Audition (MUSC 009A)

This is a mandatory audition for new students. It is separate from the Large Ensemble auditions (see below).

Audition Date and Location

Each semester, the audition location/date is posted on the Schedule of Classes, under MUSC 009A - Individual Instruction I.

  1. Click on any of the Music 009A CRNs
  2. Scroll down within the popup window to find the audition date and time

What to Expect at the Audition

During the audition, you will perform in front of a panel of 2-3 music instructors for about 10 minutes. We will ask you to play a few scales, and to sight-read. Please also prepare two pieces (movements from larger works, etudes, songs, standards, etc.) that show some contrasts, such as tempo, style, era. Most of you will perform alone, without a pianist, except for vocalists who will have a pianist provided who can read written piano parts (but not necessarily chord charts). Instrumentalists, please bring your own instrument to the audition.

Musical theater students: After a successful audition, you will likely be placed into the classical track, but will learn classical and musical theater repertoire. Some musical theater students choose to work in the Jazz track, working on Jazz and Musical Theater repertoire. Be sure to discuss your choice with the audition panel before you make the choice.

After the Audition

The results of the audition are usually posted online within 24 hours.

After a successful audition your prerequisite will be cleared within a business day, and you should be able to register for your chosen class section online. After the class has begun, get an add code from the instructor of your chosen Music 009A class section.

Large Ensemble Auditions

All students in the AMII program must also participate in a large ensemble. All large ensembles have their own auditions, generally during the first class meeting of the semester. These meeting times may be before the Music 009A auditions described above. Please be sure to attend the large ensemble class in which you are interested during Week 1 of the semester.