From learning the fundamentals of music theory to pursuing an advanced level of knowledge and skill in this area, our wide range of music theory and musicianship classes are designed for all levels of experience. The core music major curriculum includes a 2-year sequence of courses in music theory, musicianship, and keyboard proficiency. Completion of this sequence will enhance the depth of your performance, composition, and understanding of music in any style, and will position you to transfer to a Bachelor of Music program at a junior level.

Theory and Muscianship Courses

The Music Major Core Curriculum (Non-Applied)

  • MUSC 001A Music Theory I
  • MUSC 002a Musicianship I
  • MUSC 004a Keyboard Skills I
  • MUSC 001b Music Theory II
  • MUSC 002b Musicianship II
  • MUSC 004b Keyboard Skills II
  • MUSC 001c Music Theory III
  • MUSC 002c Musicianship III
  • MUSC 004c Keyboard Skills III
  • MUSC 001d Music Theory IV
  • MUSC 002d Musicianship IV
  • MUSC 004d Keyboard Skills IV
  • MUSC 007a Music History And Literature
  • MUSC 007b Music History And Literature

Introductory Music Theory

  • MUSC 040 Preparatory Music Theory
  • MUSC 101 Music Fundamentals


  • MUSC 105 Popular Songwriting
  • MUSC 012 Introduction to Music Composition


  • MUSC 144 Introduction to Improvisation
  • MUSC 045a Instrumental Improvisation
  • MUSC 045b Instrumental Improvisation

Jazz/Commercial Theory and Songwriting

  • MUSC 036a Pop-Jazz Theory
  • MUSC 036b Jazz-Commercial Theory
  • MUSC 105 Popular Songwriting

Additional Course Info

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