Explore and analyze history, culture, and contemporary issues through the intersecting perspectives of ethnicity, race, class, and gender.

Established during the student movement of the early 1970s, PCC has a proud continuous history of ethnic and gender studies. Ethnic and women's studies courses focus on the historical and contemporary experiences especially of women, African Americans, Asian Americans, Chicano/Latinos, and Native Americans. Gender and ethnic studies are tied to issues of class, sexual identity, migration, colonialism, and social justice.

Ethnic and gender studies are exciting fields that critically analyze some of the largest social concerns of our society using an interdisciplinary approach. These fields insist on using academic understanding to improve the local and global communities we live in.

Gender, Ethnicity and Multicultural Studies | Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

The AA degree in Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies (GEMS) is an interdisciplinary and comparative study of ethnicity, race, gender, and racism/sexism in the United States.

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Planning to transfer? Take Ethnic and Gender Studies courses at PCC to satisfy a General Education (GE) requirement and/or your diversity requirement!

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Many of our courses will satisfy CSU GEs, IGETC Requirements and GEs for several private and independent institutions. Visit the Transfer Center for resources to determine which courses will satisfy GEs based on your education plan.

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Diversity Requirement

If you wish to fulfill courses for your Diversity Requirement, look under "Ethnic and Gender Studies" in the PCC catalog for a listing of 52 courses in African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, Cross Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Health Sciences Diversity Courses, and Native American Studies.

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With a degree in ethnic and gender studies, you can move into many career directions. These may include urban planning, teaching and education work, social work, library science, art and music, health services, creative writing, journalism, business, politics, and public policy. You can also use your educational training to enhance your volunteer activism and community involvement.

Gender & Multicultural Clubs

Pasadena City College has several student organizations that may be of interest to you, such as:

  • Puente
  • Ujima
  • MEChA
  • Black Student Alliance
  • Queer Alliance
  • Feminist Club
  • TROPA (Filipino Club)
  • Global Club

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Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office has a Cross Cultural Center (CC-105) that provides many volunteer and programming opportunities related to gender and multicultural studies.


The Ethnic Studies Scholarship is awarded to PCC students each year. Please contact the Social Sciences Division to find out more.

Additionally, the La Raza Faculty and Staff Association, The Association of Black Employees, and the Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Association offer various scholarship awards to PCC students. Please view PCC's Scholarship listings to review requirements and apply!