The Psychology courses at PCC cover a variety of topics from introductory psychology to adult and child development, behavioral studies, and human sexuality. Earn your AA-T, complete your lower division requirements, and be ready to transfer and earn your Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.

Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behavior and mental processes.   

Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behavior and mental processes, including cognition, emotion, sensation, perception and interaction.

Most people think of therapists when they think of psychologists. However, did you know that there are important, interesting jobs and research being done in fields as disparate as sports, forensics, educational and school psychology, neuroscience, business communication and marketing that all draw upon psychological research and applications? As the demographics of the US and the world become increasingly impacted by our aging population, developmental psychological principles will continue to capture greater social interest and funding for research. Diversity issues, technological revolutions, the changing nature of the economy and social structures all call for different ways of testing, more research, and greater understanding of how people live, think, feel and work in an ever-changing world.

  • Psych 1: Introductory Psychology
  • Psych 2: Elementary Physiological Psychology
  • Psych 5: Research Methods in Psychology
  • Psych 20: Independent Study
  • Psych 21: Developmental Psychology: The Child
  • Psych 22: Developmental Psychology: The Adult Psych 23: Social Psychology
  • Psych 24: Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • Psych 25: Human Sexuality
  • Psych 29: Psychology of the African American
  • Psych 31: Studies in Chicano Behavior
  • Psych 33: Psychology of Personal & Social Adjustment
  • Psych 41: Psychology of the Asian American
  • Psych 110: Skills for College Success in Psych.
  • Psych 120: Parenting

Psychology | Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degree

Earn a degree AND prepare to transfer. By completing the AA-T in Psychology, you will finish the general education requirements as well as the lower division major requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology prior to transferring to a CSU.

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Satisfy GE Requirements with Psychology Courses

Several of our Psychology courses will satisfy CSU GEs, IGETC Requirements and GEs for several private and independent institutions. Visit the Transfer Center a list of requirements as well as for resources to help you determine which Psychology courses will satisfy the GEs for your degree and transfer plan.

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Career opportunities for those with a Psychology degree are continuing to grow. If you plan to pursue a career in Psychology, a degree beyond just a Bachelor of Arts is recommended.

In addition to a deep understanding of human behavior, your psychology courses will equip you with research, statistics, and writing skills, preparing you to enter a wide variety of career fields. 

Get More Involved with Psychology!

The Psych Club

The Psych Club is an active club on campus that you can join, and help run! In the past they have had activities such as a quiz bowl, lecturers, movies, field trips, community service projects and more. Learn more About Clubs

Psi Beta

Psi Beta is a national honors society for students who meet the requirements. Speak with our Division Office to learn more. 


Psychology Internships are available for students who meet the requirements. Speak with our Division Office to learn more.