The Political Science courses at PCC cover an array of topics designed to help you comprehend how you, your nation, and the contemporary world have been shaped by historical events and forces. Earn an AA-T Degree in Political Science and leave PCC with an excellent foundation for a broadly based education in the liberal arts.

"Knowledge of the past is a prerequisite for understanding the present and preparing for the future. It is only by studying the Political Science of other civilizations and cultures that we hope to gain perspective on our own."

Political Science is a behavioral science where students examine governments and their various organizational structures. Students also analyze political activity and political behavior. Students focus extensively on the theory and practice of politics which is commonly thought of as determining the distribution of power and resources. Students of political science look at relationships and determine outcomes such as revolutions, coups, etc. Political Science draws on many different disciplines in order to determine organizations and actions of states.

Here at PCC they can take Introduction to Political Science, Introduction to American Government, Comparative Government, Introduction to Political Theory, Introduction to Political Economy, and International Relations. All these courses transfer and count towards a BA Degree.

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Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degree 

Earn a degree AND prepare to transfer. By completing the AA-T in Political Science, you will finish the general education requirements as well as the lower division major requirements for a Bachelor degree in Political Science prior to transferring to a CSU.

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Satisfy GE Requirements with Political Science Courses

Several of our Political Science courses will satisfy CSU GEs, IGETC Requirements as well GEs for some private and independent institutions. Visit the Transfer Center for a list of requirements as well as resources to make sure these courses satisfy GEs for your degree or transfer plan.

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In addition to producing teachers and historical researchers, majoring in Political Science helps prepare you for other careers. It's excellent preparation for a teaching career, the legal profession, or advanced work in the discipline. If you're looking to become a business executive, administrator, or public servant, you will profit immensely by gaining the methodological skills of the historian. Political Science is an excellent foundation for a broadly based education in the liberal arts.