Peer Online Course Review (POCR) is our local online course review program through which PCC faculty work with trained reviewers to develop high-quality online classes that are engaging, inclusive, and visually appealing for students. Through the program, you are shown how to develop your course to meet quality standards that have been developed by California Virtual Campus.

The Peer Online Course Review (POCR) process is a supportive peer-to-peer experience that uses the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric to improve the design of Canvas shells for optimal student learning and experience.

Your peer reviewer will be a PCC faculty member. The POCR process is not related to official evaluations or tenure review, but rather a friendly, supportive way to receive feedback on your Canvas shell design in a way that respects signature pedagogies of disciplines and instructors' personal styles.

There are many benefits for both faculty and students! Benefits include:

  • Advice and support on effective, equitable online teaching and course design
  • Deveop a deeper understanding of course accessibility
  • Meet new colleagues and a community of support
  • A stipend 
  • Once aligned, your course will receive a “quality-reviewed” badge that is visible in the student search for courses in the California Community College Online Course Exchange. Badged courses rise to the top of the list, potentially increasing your enrollments.
  • Data show that “quality-reviewed” courses have increased student success rates of 4.9% above the statewide average, and a 2022 study by Chaffey College revealed a 14% increase in course success rates after POCR alignment. In the same way, POCR alignment has the potential to bridge the equity gaps we have at PCC.

POCR “quality-reviewed” courses provide an equitable, positive learning experience for our diverse student body.

The entire process takes about 8-14 weeks and can be done within one semester. Here is an example timeline:

Week 1

Respond to POCR Reviewer and DE Coordinator introductions and requests for availability. Complete a self-review of your online course and submit it to your Course Reviewer.

Weeks 2-7
(depending on availability and level of changes)

Meet with POCR Reviewer. Revise the course per the feedback received. Indicate areas of revision/enhancement. Explore resources provided, meet with DE Staff/ DE Coordinators/ CANVAS Tech help as needed.

Week 8

The course should be aligned to all rubric standards. Final rubric is submitted to the POCR Reviewer for verification and to be signed off. Meet with POCR Reviewer.

POCR is for faculty who:

  • teach online classes (we don't review Canvas shells for on-ground classes)
  • have participated in training on how to teach online (e.g. PCC’s Online Teaching Certification (OTC) class, an @One class, or equivalent)
  • have a "student-ready" Canvas shell ready for review

It's easy to apply! Simply complete this form to submit your course. 

"Dr. Shediak and her team made the Peer Online Course Review process manageable. They gave specific feedback which was separated by sections.  It was easy to take one section and work on those changes, then move on to the next section. The feedback included examples of how to improve each section; like including page breaks for long sections of text, or meeting with me on Zoom and showing me how to organize the types of support for students, showing me how to create course surveys for students. The interaction with Dr. Shediak was not only timely, but delivered in a tone that was amiable, cordial and professional. This process required a lot of work, but I now feel so much more confident with how my online course is designed, how it flows and how it functions. I highly recommend this program!"
Kristen Haley, MA
Adjunct Professor, Performing and Communication Arts Department
Pasadena City College, CA
"Going through the Peer Online Course Review has been a satisfying experience. I came in the review process with high expectations for my course as I have taught online/hybrid courses for over 4.5 years and have learned many strategies on how to create an effective online course. I was surprised when the review came back with a score that didn’t match my expectations. Thankfully, the reviewers provided clear feedback and readily guidance to move through the process efficiently. Now after earning the “Quality Review” badge I feel honored to know that my students are receiving quality material. I am now reassured that there are no broken links or non-existent images in the course which can help minimize confusion and therefore contribute to my student’s overall course success."
Alexandra Gracia, M.S.
Biology Instructor, Natural Sciences Division
Pasadena City College

To start the process, please complete the POCR Instructor Application. Faculty will be matched with reviewers based on availability and may be paired anytime in the academic year. Faculty must commit to spending at least three hours assessing their course and meeting with reviewers, as well as additional time to make changes to their online course as needed. Faculty are not guaranteed acceptance for the first year of POCR and will receive information about the status of their application from

If you have taken a course through the POCR process and you are interested in learning more, consider becoming a POCR Reviewer! Reviewers are required to take a POCR Reviewer training, and to attend norming sessions throughout the year. Contact for more information.


Please email for any questions about the POCR process or applications.