How to setup your recording

Your NameCoach recording is tied to your profile in Canvas.

  1. Select your Account
  2. Select NameCoach
    Steps 1 and 2
  3. Select Record Name or Edit this recording if you are updating your current recording and information.Step 3
  4. Enter your preferred honorific. 
  5.  Enter your preferred gender pronoun.
    Steps 4 and 5
  6. Select the way in which you would like to record your name.
  • Select Phone if you would like to receive an automated phone call to record your voice or
    • Select "Phone"
    • Enter your phone number to receive the automated call
      Steps 6 and 7
  • Select Web Recorder if you would like to use the microphone  on your device.
    • Select "Web Recorder"
    • Click the record button to begin recording.
      Steps 6 and 7