Your Commitments

As an EOP&S student, you are asked to fulfill the following responsibilities in order to continue receiving services:

  • Complete Required Units
    • New EOP&S Students - must be enrolled in 12 units
    • Continuing EOP&S Students - must be enrolled in at least one course
  • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher
  • Meet with an EOP&S Counselor three (3) times during the term 

If you are unable to meet the program requirements due to an extenuating circumstance, you may submit a petition to the EOP&S program. To do this, you need to complete an online petition application. For help or questions with this process, email our office at or speak with your EOP&S Counselor or Success Coach.

Your Responsibilities

  • Complete three (3) counseling contact during the Spring 2022 term with an EOP&S Counselor/Success Coach.  Only one contact with an EOP&S Success Coach will count each semester.  

  • Complete required units each semester
    • New EOP&S students – 12 units
      • DSPS students must provide a reduced course load letter 
    • Continuing EOP&S students – 9-12+ units
  • Maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. each semester

  • Inform EOP&S counselor of any changes to your educational plan,
    class difficulty, tutor request, transfer plans, etc.

  • Timing out of EOP&S
    • Once admitted into EOP&S, a student may participate until
      the completion of 70 degree applicable units from all
      accredited colleges attended.
    • Students in high unit majors are permitted to participate in
      EOP&S beyond 70 units, but may not exceed 90 degree
      applicable units.
  • Check your CANVAS and email account on a regular basis for program updates