Attend PCC while you're still in High School!

The College Advancement Program (CAP) is designed for high school students to experience college by enrolling in college level courses before you graduate from high school.

The CAP Program

CAP will help you make a smoother transition from high school to college. As a CAP participant, you will take courses at PCC after your regular high school day finishes. In addition, you will:

  • Get specialized academic counseling
  • Lean how to become a better student through study skills and educational planning
  • Earn college credit while in high school. The courses you complete can lead to units earned toward a certificate, associate degree or transfer to a university
  • Participate in college-sponsored activities and events

CAP Eligibility

You are eligible for CAP if you:

  • are a junior or senior high school student
  • have the approval from your high school counselor
  • complete an orientation program prior to enrollment in any courses

Get Started in CAP

To participate in the CAP program, you must first complete all the steps to apply and enroll at PCC as a high school student. After you have completed all the steps and all your materials have been submitted to admissions, the CAP staff will confirm processing of your application and contact you regarding an appointment with the CAP counselor.

Apply and Enroll at PCC