Though Tuition and Enrollment are a big part of the costs you will have while attending PCC, there are other fees to consider as well. Use our Student Budgets to estimate the average cost of an education from PCC. Additionally, you can visit the Admissions office for a fully detailed and up-to-date listing of all current tuition and fees

2020/2021 9 Month Budget - Full Time Students

Based upon an average of 12 units per term 

  At Home Away
Resident Enrollment Fees  $1,330 $1,330
Room & Board $8,780 $16,580
Books & Supplies $1,080 $1,080
Transportation $938 $858
Miscellaneous Personal $3,225 $3,784
Total Resident $15,353 $23,632
Non Resident Tuition $9,884 $9,884
Total Non-Resident $25,237 $33,516

*Enrollment and tuition fees are based on current fees for 12 units at $46/unit, plus $42 Health Fee, $2 ASB Fee and $10 Student Activity Fee per semester. Non-resident/out-of-state tuition fees are $290/unit, plus Capital Outlay of $17 per unit.

*Summer Fees $18 Health Fee, $2 ASB Fee and $5 Student Activity Fee per semester. Used CSAC 17-18 Student Expense Budget Chart: Room & Board, Books & Supplies, Transportation, and Misc Personal Based upon an average of 14 units per term/6 units for summer term.

Fees may change based on action taken by the governor and the state legislature. Students eligible for a fee waiver are not assessed enrollment fees. Used an average of 1 percent of a 1st year Subsidized loan ($34.00)