The Crisis Prevention and Response Team (CPART)

The Crisis Prevention and Response Team’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive physical and emotional environment for members of the college community by identifying, assessing, and responding to student behavioral, emotional and/or psychological challenges that are disruptive academically, or who present a risk to the health or safety of themselves, the college, or its members.

CPART provides a centralized structure for the campus community to report academic, behavioral, emotional, physical, or safety concerns. The team reviews reports on a weekly basis to determine the level of risk or concern, and then develops an action plan of support and intervention.

The goals of the team are to:

  • Respond: Identify, assess, and intervene with individuals who are struggling or who demonstrate concerning or threatening behavior. Provide support and resources to community members who are concerned for another individual.
  • Prevent: Inform the campus of proactive, best practices for supporting and promoting holistic student wellbeing.
  • Educate: Implement prevention and intervention strategies in response to identified trends related to health, wellness, and safety.

Who participates on CPART?

The team consists of trained college personnel with expertise in academic affairs, student affairs, mental health and trauma, sexual and interpersonal violence, student conduct, and law enforcement/campus safety. Team members are responsible for completing ongoing training, attending weekly meetings, and assisting with follow-up and intervention as designated. CPART members include:

  • Title IX Coordinator, Investigator Manager, Megan Staudenraus, co-chair
  • Lead Faculty Psychologist, Personal Counseling, Andrea Bailey
  • Chief of Police and College Safety, Steven Matchan
  • Detective, Police and College Safety, Tyler Robbins
  • Faculty Lead, Disabled Student Programs & Services, Ricardo Castillo
  • Dean of Academic Affairs, Stephanie Fleming
  • Dean of Mathematics, Carrie Starbird
  • Counselor, Academic Counseling, Lily Tran

What happens after I make a CPART report?

After receiving a report, the team will:

  1. A member of CPART will contact the referring party to gather additional information
  2. CPART will meet as a team to review and assess the information available to analyze student need and level of risk. Based on the determined level of risk, CPART will determine one or more interventions, including immediate and ongoing strategies.
  3. A CPART member will extend services to and/or meet with the student to discuss presenting issues and available resources.
  4. CPART member will follow up and provide case management to the student, as needed.
  5. Outcome is communicated with referring party

Note: Outreach is extended to students out of an abundance of care for a student’s well-being as well as the safety and well-being of the campus community as a whole. Students are not required to meet with CPART staff and CPART meetings with students are not punitive. However, CPART may make a referral to Student Conduct or Title IX for behavioral intervention and potential disciplinary action.