The Grants Office can help turn your grant idea into a completed proposal.  We provide the following services to support proposal development and project start-up:

  • Help identify potential funding sources for your proposal
  • Point of contact with grantor and project partners during the application process
  • Point of contact with applicant institution for proposals where we are partner
  • Edit the proposal narrative based upon content provided by you
  • Draft letters of commitment/support for PCC administrators and project partners
  • Help develop a project budget that meets the grantor's definition of allowable costs
  • Complete all forms in the application package
  • Ensure that the proposal contains all required documents and attachments
  • Submit the proposal in a timely manner in advance of the application deadline
  • Prepare a Consent Item requesting that the Board of Trustees accept the grant award
  • Obtain and review reader comments when an application is not selected for funding
  • Conduct workshops, and provide individual support, on proposal development and grant writing

Learn About the Grants Process

Interested in applying for a grant? Learn more about the process and how we can help!

The Grants Process