AB705 The AB705 Dashboard tracks students’ progress completing college-level math and English in their first year.
Enrollment Information The Enrollment Information Dashboard presents an overview of students, enrollments, course fill rates, and Fulltime Equivalent faculty.
Equity The Equity Dashboard contains multiple years of Success and Retention Rates by Ethnicity.
GIS Student Map The GIS Student Map dashboard provides a “heat map” of where PCC students reside.
Guided Pathways The Guided Pathways Dashboard follows students on their journey at PCC.
High School Feeder Reports The High School Feeder Reports dashboard contains outcomes tracked for students from in and out of district High Schools.
Math Equity The Math Equity Dashboard is an overview of how students enrolled in math courses at PCC are doing.
Noncredit Equity The Noncredit Equity Dashboard contains multiple years of Enrollment, Success, and Hours by Ethnicity.