AB705 The AB705 Dashboard provides outcome data for students completing transfer-level Math and English broken out by division and path.
CTEOS Dashboard The CTEOS provides valuable information about employment outcomes for students who participated in Career Education programs.
Degrees & Certificates The Degrees & Certificates Dashboard contains multiple years of Awards by Division and Subject.
Dual Enrollment Dashboard This dashbaord provides, enrollments, sections, success and retrnion for dual enrollment courses by campus.
Enrollment Information The Enrollment Information Dashboard presents an overview of students, enrollments, course fill rates, and Fulltime Equivalent faculty.
Equifax Median Earnings by Program/Industry The median earnings dashboard provides median income of students who have left the college after earning a degree or certificate from 2012-2013 to 2020-2021 at 1, 3, and 5 year increments.
FTES, FTEF, & Efficiency This dashboard allows users to view FTES trends over time and by department/division. It also contains FTEF and Efficiency measures.
GIS Student Map The GIS Student Map dashboard provides a “heat map” of where PCC students reside.
Grade Distribution The grade distribution dashboard shows the overall grade distribution for students enrolled at PCC for the past five academic years by Division, Subject, and Course.
Guided Pathways The Guided Pathways Dashboard follows students on their journey at PCC.
High School Feeder Reports The High School Feeder Reports dashboard contains outcomes tracked for students from in and out of district High Schools.
Integrated Planning Dashboard The Integrated Planning Dashboard provides information that can be used to develop your Annual Plan or complete your comprehensive program review. This dashboard includes information on success and retention, section offerings and fill rates, Faculty assignments, degrees and certificates awarded etc.