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M - F, 9 am to 5 pm

  1. Visit the Virtual Support Center Login Page
  2. Sign-in with your Lancer ID#
    • If you don't have a Student ID #, select the “Not a student yet” under the sign-in button.
  3. When it's your turn, a PCC team member will contact you to start your session!

Note: When our team member calls, the phone number may show “no caller ID” or it may be a “626” phone number.  If we don't reach you, they will leave a message. If they missed you, please sign up again.

Non-Business Hours

When the Virtual Support Center is closed, you can reach out to us by phone or email — our PCC operators are here to help you!

Skip the Virtual Lines

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about starting the new semester. 

During the spring there are 2 types of classes — Asynchronous and Synchronous. 

  • Asynchronous means that your online class is pre-recorded. You do not log in at a specific time. Instead, you will access class material on Canvas and complete assignments within a specific timeframe as specified by your instructor.
  • Synchronous means "live".  You will log in at a specific time to take the course. 

You can find out if your course is synchronous or asynchronous by checking the class schedule to see how it was listed when you registered. Please note: your online schedule says, “TBA” for all classes that are “asynchronous”.

All students that applied for Financial Aid, completed their verification process, and have a class that begins on August 24th will have their Pell grant disbursed August 14th and funds will be available to them via their BankMobile preference. Timing depends on their selected refund preference. Learn more about BankMobile or refund timing

Read More About Disbursements

Need a laptop for the semester? Complete our request form and Information Technology Services will reach out to you.

Laptop Loan Request

Bookstore Services

  1. You can purchase your textbooks online and pick them up at the Bookstore service windows or you can have them shipped to you
  2. Financial aid vouchers for Lancer Aid, EOPS, NextUp, Stars, CARE, Veterans, Department of Rehabilitation) will be available for online order payment. If you have been awarded a voucher, you will receive an email from Financial Aid with information on how to access.
  3. If you cannot shop online,  purchase or rent books at the entrance to the Textbook floor of the Bookstore (second floor).
  4. If you may visit the Bookstore to purchase school supplies/art supplies. 
  5. Up to 25 students will be allowed inside the Bookstore at a time. All others must wait in a socially distanced line with masks.

Visit the Bookstore's website for store hours and up-to-date information 

At this time, PCC will postpone the use of Student ID Cards. You can present other forms of ID to prove identity if asked.

Parking will not be charged for Spring 2021 at all Pasadena City College sites including Colorado Blvd, Foothill Campus, Rosemead Site, Northwest PCC.

Before the First Day of the Semester

  • Most classes have waitlists in order to provide students with a chance to get a seat in a class if a student registered in the course drops it.
  • If you are on the waitlist and offered an add code, you have 48 hours to use it before it expires.
  • All add codes expire on the first day of classes.

After the First Day of the Semester

  • After the first day of a the semester, the only way you can add a class is by getting an add code from the instructor.
  • Email the instructor of the course and wait for a reply with a potential add code.
  • Your add code will not work until the day/time of the first class session.
  • On the  day/time of the course, you can register for the class in LancerPoint with the add code from the instructor.
  • If your add code does not work, there may be an issue with the code (your instructor may have given you one for the wrong course or a duplicate code). If you receive an error, please contact the instructor of the course for the correct code.

For more information, read our how-to guide on "how to crash a course".

Dropping a Class

Be sure to click on the CRN in the schedule of classes to determine the last day to drop each course without a W and/or receive a refund. If you’re not sure if you should drop, use the Virtual Support Center to speak with a counselor and discuss your class options.

Free Access to Campus WiFi

Parking Lot 3 is set up as a WiFi Parking Lot. You may park your car there and use Campus WiFi.

  • This service is available every day from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
  • You must stay in your vehicle  with your car parked away from each other to promote social distancing
  • As the campus is closed, no restrooms are available and access to campus facilities is prohibited.

I can’t see my Canvas for a class I’m registered in.

You will only see a course in Canvas 7 days before the class starts. If it is within 7 days of the class start day, one of the following reasons may be why you can’t the course in Canvas:

  • You may not actually be enrolled in the course (may just be on the waitlist). Waitlisted students cannot access a class until they actually add the class.
  • Sometimes a teacher is publishing their Canvas page late and you will see it as soon as it is published. 
  • It may be that the instructor has not published the course in Canvas yet. You will not be able to access the actual course in Canvas if the instructor has not Published the course.  Contact the Instructor of the course via email.  Email addresses can be found in the PCC Directory.

Help Using Canvas

  • If you need help learning how to use Canvas, watch the Student Canvas Overview or “how to” Video Guides.
  • For Technical Support, contact the 24/7 Canvas Student Hotline: (844) 303-4497 
  • If you are logged in to Canvas, you can also click the "Help" button for a 24/7 Chat with a Canvas representative.

Help Using ConferZoom

If you need help using ConferZoom:

For updates about on-campus nursing classes, fieldwork and future cohorts of the nursing program, please visit the Nursing Programs website.

PCC still offers Student Activities and Student Health Services in remote setting. Services include:

  • Associated Student Advocacy
  • Student online activities
  • Emergency loans
  • Tele-health services where you can call and obtain help from Nursing, and Doctors.