So, you've applied for your degree/s – now what? Here you'll find information about what to expect after you have applied for your degree/s. This information may vary depending on when you filed for your degree/s: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

Next Steps

  • File for Your Certificate (AS degree Only)

    NOTE: this does not apply to the AA/AA-T/AS-T degreesRegardless of when you plan to file for your degree, make sure to file for your certificate of achievement through the Division if you are earning an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree.

  • Evaluator Review

    Your degree petition will be forwarded to your evaluator for a second review.  If you are missing requirements or records, the evaluator will inform you through a letter sent to your mailing address listed in LancerPoint.  If there are no issues with your degree petition, you will not receive any notification.

    If you have completed all your requirements, wait until your degree posts according to the timeline of your filed term (example:  if you filed for your degree in Summer or Fall or Spring term). 

  • If you Filed for an ADT (AA-T/AS-T) Degree

    If you are transferring to a CSU for a major that accepts your ADT degree and you noted your ADT intent on your CSU application, our evaluators will submit an e-verify to the CSUs on your behalf. 

    To check if your CSU accepts your ADT:

    1. Go to the ADT website
    2. Enter your major, Pasadena City College, and your CSU

    If you did not let the CSU know of your ADT intent on your CSU application, you will need a Verification of Intent to Earn Associate in Arts/Science Degree - Transfer from to your CSUs directly.  You may request this form by replying to the general degree confirmation email.  You will need to make copies of the form (also sometimes given to you at the time that you filed for your degree) and submit to your CSUs.    

    Once your ADT degree posts on your PCC transcript, your official transcript will be your verification document.  You will no longer need to submit the Verification of Intent form.

    You do NOT need to submit verification if you are transferring as a different major (i.e. getting AS-T in Math but transferring as a Biology major).

    You do NOT need to submit the verification if you are transferring to a UC. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my degree post to my transcript?

Pending final requirements, your degree(s) will post on your PCC transcript in:

  • August/September for SUMMER Graduation
  • January/February for FALL Graduation
  • Mid May - July for SPRING Graduation

At that time, you may verify your degree(s) on your unofficial transcript in LancerPoint.

*Please note this timeline may vary depending on various factors each semester.  Submit a ticket to Admissions & Records for questions relating to posting and mailing of diploma(s).

When and how will I get my diploma?

Diploma(s) will be mailed to your mailing address listed in LancerPoint in:

  • November/December for SUMMER Graduation
  • April/May for FALL Graduation
  • October/November for SPRING Graduation

*Please note this timeline may vary depending on various factors each semester.  Submit a ticket to Admissions & Records for questions relating to posting and mailing of diploma(s).

Commencement Information

Note: If you work at PCC, you will need to update your address in Human Resources.

Log in to LancerPoint.  

  • Make sure you are in the "Home" tab (left).
  • Scroll down and click on "Update Addresses and Phones".
  • Confirm if your mailing address is current.  If you need to update your address, under the drop-down menu for "Type of Address to Insert", select "Mailing" and click on "Submit".
  • Follow the prompts to update your mailing address.

Receiving an Associate degree at PCC will not impact your enrollment at PCC, your Financial Aid or your California College Promise Grant (BOGW) at PCC. 

Questions About Your Degree?

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