Get your questions answered by a PCC Counselor! Our Online Counseling service is for current PCC students and prospective students to ask general questions that pertain to reaching your educational goal at Pasadena City College.

Online Counseling FAQ

When you use Online Counseling, you send your question(s) to a counselor through our online form. Your message will be reviewed and your questions answered by a counselor. The more information you provide, the more thorough and accurate we may be.  If you feel your question/s are not answered, let us know.  Counselors try their best, but sometimes emails may be lost in translation.  

Since college requirements and policies are subject to change, all replies are to be used as advisory and informational only and will not constitute an official determination by PCC. 

After submitting your online counseling request, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Our online counselors will try to response to your request in a timely manner based on counselor availability (M-F). 

  • During low season, we may reply within a few hours or within 24 hours. 
  • Generally, we reply within 4-7 business days. 
  • During peak registration periods, we may take longer than 7 business days to reply. 

We reply to emails Monday - Friday (closed beginning Friday afternoon during peak registration periods). If your situation is time sensitive, please speak with a counselor in Express Phone Counseling.   

Keep in mind that not all questions can be answered in full via this online service. Questions requiring a lengthy response, evaluation of transcripts or questions deemed of a sensitive nature may require an appointment with a counselor on campus. If that's the case, we will respond and let you know that you need to speak to a counselor in a counseling appointment. 

Questions You CAN Ask:

  • clarification of college procedures and policies
  • general certificate, degree and transfer requirements and course offerings
  • course prerequisite information (or submit an online prerequisite clearance request)
  • academic renewal and repeat to count higher grade petition
  • transferability of PCC courses
  • transfer/degree checklist (if you do not have extensive outside credits)
  • assistance with submitting a degree petition
  • equivalencies for PCC Health Science requirements
  • foreign language requirement for IGETC (for UC) GE
  • one semester ed plan to meet Achievement badge in LancerPoint (only available for students studying for personal interest or to take 1-2 specific class/es for their college/university)

On-line Counseling is NOT appropriate for:

Because of the nature of the Internet and email technology, there can be no assurance of confidentiality when using this online service. When requesting information pertaining to your student records, please use your PCC email (  We will only reply to your PCC email about your student records.

Not all counselors are assigned to Online Counseling.  If you need to contact a specific counselor, please use our Staff Directory and send them a direct email. 

Online counseling is a service to answer your academic questions. If you wish to make an appointment to speak with a counselor, please go to our Counseling Appointments website

If you do not have access to LancerPoint or your PCC email (, you may still receive assistance using our Prospective Student Online Counseling Form and provide your unofficial transcripts.

  1. Submit Prospective Student Online Counseling Form.
  2. We will send you a "Received" email notification.
  3. Reply to the "Received" email to send us your unofficial transcript (when printing from your college student portal, change your printer to PDF to save as an electronic copy or scan your unofficial transcripts as a PDF).  

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General Students

Our online counselors will reply to requests Monday - Friday (closed beginning Friday afternoon during peak registration periods) based on counselor availability. 

  • During low season, we reply within a few hours - 2 days.
  • Generally, we reply within 4-7 business days.
  • During peak registration periods, we may take longer than 7 business days to reply.  

If your situation is time sensitive, please speak with a counselor in Express Phone Counseling

Submit Online Counseling Inquiry
Don't have an active LancerPoint account?  Use our prospective student online counseling form to submit your question to our online counselors.

Prospective Student Online Counseling Form

Special Programs

If you are a participant in a special program, please visit your program's website to identify how to connect with your program counselor(s). 

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