An official evaluation confirms how your non-PCC credits may be used at PCC for the IGETC, CSU, and PCC GE's. With the results, you will be able to determine which classes you need to complete in order to meet your academic goals. Use this online service to request your official evaluation! There is a 8-10 week processing delay.   


Received your official evaluation results but still have questions?  Reply directly to your notification email for answers! 

Haven't submitted an online official evaluation request but would like to ask general questions? Speak to a counselor in Express Phone Counseling or ask an online counselor.

Requirements for Official Evaluation

Before submitting your official evaluation request, make sure to complete the following:

  1. Submit ALL official transcripts to Admission & Records
    • Include all college/universities attended and AP scores (3 or higher)
    • After submission, please wait before requesting your official evaluation
    • 2-3 week processing delay for records to be scanned for staff viewing
  2. Complete 12 units of graded classes at PCC 
    • Grades must be posted on your unofficial PCC transcript in LancerPoint
    • LancerPoint > hamburger menu (upper left) > Discover > search "Transcripts and Records" > View My Unofficial Transcript > Submit

Submit Your Official Evaluation Request

General Students

Our online counselors will reply to requests Monday – Friday based on counselor availability.

  • Generally, we reply within 4-7 business days.
  • During peak registration periods, we will close this form to focus on helping students with registration. 
Once the counselor verifies your request, the counselor will submit your official evaluation request to your evaluator. At that time, wait 8-10 weeks to get your results.

Submit Your Official Evaluation Request

Get More Information

  1. Student requests an official evaluation
  2. Counselor reviews request:
    • Confirm the type of evaluation 
    • Confirm all transcripts/records are complete and on file
  3. Counselor forwards evaluation request to Admission & Records evaluator
  4. Evaluator reviews all records and scans evaluation results for staff viewing.
  5. After 8-10 weeks, student replies to counselor requesting results
  6. Counselor emails results to student and answers follow-up questions

The online counselor will review your request and determine the type of evaluation you need based on your academic goal.  

If you only have credits from a California Community College, our online counselor will provide your IGETC or CSU GE evaluation results immediately.  

If you need an evaluation for your associate degree major requirements (not CTE), an evaluation request may need to be forwarded to the evaluator.

Certificates are processed by the Division office so an official evaluation is not needed.

We recommend connecting with the Division to discuss course substitution options.  

If using AP scores for IGETC or CSU GE, the online counselor will provide the results.

If using AP scores for major requirements, you will need to submit an AP petition. The online counselor will assist you with the AP petition process. 

All transcripts must be on file with no in-progress work shown.  All final grades must be posted on the transcript for an evaluation request to be forwarded to an evaluator.  

  • Exception: If you do not want to use your foreign credit, then your foreign records are not required for this official evaluation request.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's a processing delay of 2-3 weeks for official transcripts/records to be received and scanned into the system for staff viewing. 

You may submit another official evaluation request in a few weeks so we can check for you.

We cannot use foreign credit for the IGETC or CSU GE patterns.

If you would like to earn an associate degree at PCC, you may use foreign credit for the PCC GE. To request an official evaluation of your foreign credit, you will need to:

  1. Order a comprehensive evaluation through one of the 3 approved agencies
  2. Submit the evaluation results to Admission & Records
  3. Complete 12 units of graded classes at PCC
  4. Submit an official evaluation request

After your online counselor confirms that your request has been submitted to an evaluator, wait 8-10 weeks. After 8-10 weeks, reply to your online counselor's email to reopen your support ticket and ask for your evaluation results. Your online counselor will check-up on your request and email you the results.

PCC's system currently is not able to input credits from another college onto your LancerPlan audit or show in LancerPoint. We may still use your credits towards IGETC/CSU GE or associate degree or transfer but credits outside of PCC cannot be shown within PCC's system yet. We hope to be able to do this in the near future.  :)

Admission & Records requires that all official transcripts are complete and on file for an evaluation to be completed. 

  • Exception: If you do not want to use your foreign credit, then your foreign records are not required for this official evaluation request.

Official evaluations for transfer may only be requested for IGETC GE, CSU GE, and AAT/AST degree requirements.  

For more details about transfer evaluations, please connect with a counselor.