Our Express Phone Counseling Service is a 15 minute phone meeting with a counselor. 

Start Express Phone Counseling

During the session, a counselor can help you with quick questions such as:

  • Course Advisement
  • Transfer Information, IGETC/CSU GE inquiries
  • Associate degree and certificate information
  • Brief Assistance with various forms/petitions, such as AP credit, Reduced Course Load, Concurrent Enrollment, Repeats, etc.
  • Important Enrollment Deadlines
  • Prerequisite clearances.  If you are using a non-PCC transcript,  please have your unofficial record available as an electronic/PDF file (when printing from your college student portal, change your printer to PDF to save as an electronic copy or scan your unofficial transcripts as a PDF).You may be asked to email your transcript to the counselor. Don't want to wait? You can also use our online form for Prerequisite clearances
  • Clarification of college policies and procedures
  • Information about campus support resources and/or programs
  • Abbreviated Educational Plan (for registration purpose only)
  • Graduation Petitions & PCC Complete (No non-PCC transcripts)

Express Phone Counseling is NOT for:

During the Express Phone Counseling call, if you have questions that need more than 15 minutes, you will be referred to a counseling appointment. Examples of these are:

  • Transcript evaluations of non-PCC credits
  • Comprehensive educational plans
  • Academic probation and/or Reinstatement after dismissal
  • Graduation Petitions (using non-PCC transcripts, Online Counseling may assist you with this request)
  • Academic Renewal (Online Counseling may assist you with this request)
  • Exploration of major/career

How to Use Express Phone Counseling

Express Phone Counseling is available to students with access LancerPoint/PCC Connect.  If you do not have access to LancerPoint/PCC Connect, you may connect with an academic counselor using our Online Counseling Services (use our prospective student online counseling form).

Express Phone Counseling appointments (15 minute) are available throughout the week and can be accessed through the Virtual Support Center, your success coach, or from our Counseling Front Counter (L building). Follow the steps below to get support M-F from 9am - 5pm (may close if we get to our capacity). 

to the Virtual Support Center for Counseling Referral

After an Express Phone Counseling Referral is Raised

  1. You will get a PCC Connect referral email sent to your PCC email.
  2. Use the "Book Now" link in the email to open PCC Connect to schedule your appointment.
  3. Please add your phone number to the description box.

Prepare for Your Express Phone Counseling Appointment

  1. If you have credits from another college, please upload your complete unofficial transcripts before your express appointment so your counselor has access to your unofficial transcripts (when printing from your college portal, change your printer to PDF to save as an electronic copy or scan your unofficial transcript as a PDF).
  2. Your counselor will call you at the phone number you listed in the description box (when you booked your appointment).  
  3. Calls may appear as a private number, No Caller ID, or from a 626 number.  
  4. Please pickup calls around the time of your appointment in case it is your counselor calling you. 
  5. If the counselor does not reach you, the counselor will leave a voicemail if a message option is available.
  6. If we missed you, please visit the the Virtual Support Center again.

Help Booking Your Express Counseling Appointment in PCC Connect

Watch How to Book an Appointment in PCC Connect