Counseling for Current PCC Students

Our Counselors are here to help you plan your academics, answer questions, and help you get on the right path to reach your academic goals. 

How to Meet with A PCC Counselor

Express Counseling

Express Counseling is 15 minute phone calls. Use Express Counseling if you have questions about:

  • What classes to take
  • How to register in LancerPoint
  • Help with submitting forms/petitions
  • Your registration date/priority registration
  • Enrollment Deadlines
  • Abbreviated Educational Plan for the upcoming term
  • Degree Petitions for students with only PCC transcripts
How to Use Express Counseling

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Counseling Appointment

We are offering 45 minute phone, video, and in-person academic counseling appointments.  Make an appointment if you have questions about: 

  • Transcript evaluations
  • Comprehensive educational plans
  • Academic warning (formerly probation) and/or Reinstatement after dismissal
  • Exploration of major/career
  • Degree Petitions for students with non-PCC transcripts

Counseling Appointments

Online Counseling

Our Online Counseling service is an email service for new, current, returning, and prospective students to ask general and academic questions that pertain to reaching your educational goal at Pasadena City College.  Submit an online counseling request if you have questions about or would like to request for:

  • Academic renewal
  • Repeat to Count higher grade
  • Degree and transfer checklists
  • Submission of degree petitions
  • Certificate, degree, and transfer requirements
  • Equivalences for PCC Health Science requirements
  • and other general questions

Online Counseling

Prerequisite Clearance / Challenge

If you need prerequisites cleared, you can use our online Prerequisite Clearance form.

If you are using a non-PCC transcript,  please have your unofficial record available as an electronic/PDF file. 

Prerequisite Clearance/Challenge