Work-based learning helps students contextualize, reinforce, and put into practice what they are learning in school, all while gaining the skills needed to enter or advance in careers.



The internship program at Pasadena City College is a designed to encourage students to make a transition from student to professional. Its core purpose is to educate, prepare, and support students in increasing their competitive advantages as they seek employment in their chosen career paths. 

Academic Credit

Currently enrolled PCC students can receive academic credit for their paid or unpaid internship. Credits earned through the internship course are degree applicable and transferable to the California State University system. Credit is awarded on the basis of objectives completed and the number of hours worked. Students need a minimum of 75 hours of paid work or 60 hours of unpaid work for each unit of credit. Students must have a prearranged work site and need approval for course enrollment. 
If you are a student who has been accepted to an internship and need to enroll in an internship course, please email us at

Getting an Internship

Before applying to an internship, students should do the following:

  • Discover their skills and interests
  • Explore career paths and declare a major
  • Create a resume and cover letter 

If you are a student who need support with any of the items listed above, please meet with a career advisor at the Freeman Center to get started.  

If you are a student who has completed this checklist and is ready to get hands-on experience, please meet with an internship advisor to begin exploring opportunities.

Diversity Career Panel Series

The Diversity Career Panel Series is a program that creates a supportive space for students of color to ask questions about how diversity is handled in the workplace. These panels aim to help students gain a better awareness of the barriers diverse groups encounter in the process of entering or advancing in their careers. Through the panel discussion, we encourage self-discovery, increased self-awareness, and celebrate community and resilience. 

Below you can find our 2021 Diversity Career Panel Series calendar. If you and/or a colleague are interested in participating in this program, please contact us at