The PCC LaserTech program partners closely with technical industry. Industrial partners may review and modify curricula, directly hire graduates or provide internships to enrolled students, donate hardware, offer guest lectures or product demonstrations.

Recent Support and Collaborations

PCC LaserTech program selected to receive donation of a high-resolution beam-profiling camera from Gentec-EO

The PCC LaserTech program has been selected to receive a donation of the Gentec-EO BEAMAGE-4M beam-profiling camera. This 4.2-megapixel CMOS sensor will help teach LaserTech students the valuable skills of how to make ISO-compliant laser beam and optical system measurements. This industrial-quality camera will be useful when learning about laser fundamentals in PCC’s LASR230 Optical Devices course, and about an optical system's point-spread function, an important performance metric, in PCC’s LASR260 Metrology of Optical Systems course.

PCC LaserTech curricula are now Open Educational Resources (OER) via collaboration with National Science Foundation (NSF) Optics, Photonics, and Lasers Technical Education Curriculum development (OPAL-TEC) grant

The PCC LaserTech program collaborates with the Irvine Valley College's Optics, Photonics, and Lasers Technical Education Curriculum Development (OPAL-TEC) grant (#1801019) from the National Science Foundation (NSF). PCC Librarian Walter Butler partners with PCC LaserTech faculty to create open educational resources (OER) from the proven LaserTech teaching materials that include lecture slides, laboratory experiments, exams, quizzes, instructional videos, and hardware demonstrations. This OER is reviewed by industrial partners and academic affiliates for technical content and relevancy before its dissemination to partner colleges. This OER lays the foundation for colleges that are developing similar programs in laser and optical technology by reducing curriculum-development time for instuctors.  

PCC LaserTech students to work with advanced spectroradiometer detector in collaboration with Agilent

In its ongoing effort to advance scientific understanding, Agilent is excited to work with the Pasadena City College Laser Technology Program. This technical collaboration will strengthen the learning ecosystem for PCC LaserTech students by incorporating advanced technology into the LaserTech program's spectroradiometer. This technology will support cutting-edge spectral studies and measurements conducted by PCC LaserTech students. This perfectly aligns with Agilent’s commitment to innovate with a purpose and enrich the lives in the communities in which we operate.

Precision Optical continues to offer field trips and shop tours for LaserTech Quality Assurance of Precision Optics students

In an ongoing effort to supply the optics and photonics industry with qualified technicians, Precision Optical partners with local academia, including PCC’s Laser Technology Program.

Precision Optical offers PCC LaserTech students field trip classes that cover optical cutting & shaping, fine grinding & polishing, and quality assurance. On these trips, Precision Optical engineers and technicians offer detailed applications-based lectures, then students are given a comprehensive shop tour of each critical department and work center. Students gain exposure to optics cutting, shaping, edging, blocking, beveling, and CNC processing. Students are able to experiment with grinding actual substrates and inspecting parts in process. Several demonstrations are offered, including observation of test plate fringes, autocollimator configuration, goniometer usage, and laser interferometry. Students witness firsthand what it takes to properly fabricate an optical element from raw glass to a complete finished precision optical element! After fabrication is instructed and demonstrated, students are each provided with a unique right angle prism to be inspected to its corresponding ISO 10110 drawing. Students perform a series of inspections using industry-grade equipment, including: visual inspection for surface defects and material imperfections, mechanical inspection of physical dimensions, angular inspection, and analysis of surface texture and surface form.

PCC LaserTech Industrial Partners