About the Social Sciences Division

The Social Sciences Division is made up of three primary areas: the Social Sciences consisting of American Institutions, anthropology, economics, political sciences, psychology, and sociology; the Humanities: history, philosophy and religious studies; Education consisting of education, child development, special education technology and the Child Development Center. The diversity of classes offered meets the educational needs of students who are seeking a certificate or an associate’s degree or to transfer to a four-year college or university.

We also offer cross discipline programs such as ethnic studies and statistics for the behavioral sciences. Courses include introductory courses to students that satisfy the general education requirements for the College’s associate degrees, and for both the Cal State College and University system and the University of California through the IGETC program. In addition more specialized courses are offered for students to satisfy the major requirement in the various certificate and transfer programs. The Child Development Program in conjunction with the Child Development Center offers eight certificates of completion or achievement in vocational programs.