We realize that Pasadena City College (PCC) may not be able to take care of all of your medical needs, so we have several community resources close to PCC that can offer you additional resources and low-cost services. Here you will find some services and their brief overviews.

Primary, Urgent, and Emergency Services

Referrals to primary, urgent, and emergency resources

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Referrals

Referrals to substance use and abuse agencies.

Community Referrals

A list of low-cost clinics that treat general and emergent clients, mental health agencies, and domestic violence agencies.

Dental Referrals

A list of free and affordable dental clinics, centers, and services.

Family Planning Referrals

Pre-Natal clinics, emergency contraception, adoption, and pregnancy resources.

General Physical Referrals

Here is a list of local clinics that can help you complete job physical forms.

Here2Help: Resource Guide for Students in Need

Additional community resources for health care, food and clothing, housing and shelter and legal services.

HIV and STI Testing Sites

Here is some useful information on HIV testing clinics.

Mental Health Resources

Information on local area mental health agencies that have inpatient and outpatient programs.

Optometry  Referrals

Health centers with optometry resources.

Public Health Centers

A list of centers that provide public health services such as immunizations, screenings and treatments of Tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Testing Sites

Here is our recommended list of places where you can get TB Skin Testing in the surrounding area.