Current Students

Student Health Services is available to ALL students who are currently enrolled and attending credit classes* at PCC. Simply bring your PCC Student ID to our center to start.

*Students attending noncredit classes do not pay the Student Health Fee and therefore are not eligible for student health services.

Previously Enrolled Students

If you aren't currently taking classes at PCC or drop your classes, you may still be eligible for some of our services. These include:

  1. Review Test Results from Previous Appointments

    If you visited us while attending PCC, you can still make an appointment to receive any test results from previous semesters. These appointments are limited to reviewing your results and giving you outside referrals as needed.

  2. Finish Your Immunization Series

    You can continue and complete any immunization series that you started while at PCC with Student Health Services. To do so, you will pay the cost of the vaccine, plus an administration fee.


If you are a PCC student under the age of 18, you will need to have your parents sign the “Minor Authorization Consent Form" form before visiting Student Health Services.

Minor Authorization Consent Form

International Students

Visit our International Student Center to find out more about your international student health insurance and receiving health care.

More About International Students Medical Insurance

Disabled Students

We are here as an additional resource for you. We encourage you to make an appointment for a quick medical consultation so that we are fully informed of your needs. Additionally, we can help talk to your instructors about how to help you. Guide dogs and service animals are also welcome during visits!

Medical Conditions

If you have an on-going medical condition, please schedule an initial medical consultation with us. This will help us be aware of your condition and any special needs so that we can better assist you in case of an emergency.

Faculty and Staff

As a PCC faculty or staff member, you are eligible for a limited number of services including a Tuberculosis test when it’s authorized by Human Resources and access to first aid while you are on campus.