Small Business Development Center

Helping Business at Every Stage

SBDC provides high-quality business and economic development advising and low-cost training to small businesses and entrepreneurs. By assisting local business owners with the creation of jobs through capital infusion, developmental resources, and making sure they can sustain themselves and grow the market, SBDC strives to create viable career tracks, ensuring that the workforce generated by PCC has a place to land in the real world.

 Venture Launch

An innovative program that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to experience what it feels like to build a real business model, validate its viability, and turn a brilliant idea into an actual startup. Combining theory with evidence-based, hands-on practice, Venture Launch creates a framework to test business models while recreating real-world pressures and demands in and out of the classroom.

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From the idea stage to creating a practical structure, securing funding, and everything in-between, our services are offered at no cost in the San Gabriel Valley and tailored to your individual needs, including business planning, financial protections, etc.

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New Business

In business 1-3 years? We’re ready to assist you explore various growth opportunities, work on brand value, organizational structure and more. Our services include financial packaging, contract negotiations, cash flow management, etc.

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Growing Business

In business 3+ years? We’re ready to assist you with operational and strategic planning, managing and financing growth. Here is a list of services we offer to growing businesses: rebranding and market identification, advanced web development, SEO, email segmentation, etc.

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