Meet Scholarship Winner, Cecilia Bachmann!

Cecilia is a member of the Class of 2021 and will transfer to UC Berkeley this fall as a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar.  She is a five-time Foundation Scholarship Recipient and was a Reviewer's Choice Recipient of the Robert and Adrienne Westerbeck Scholarship in Fall 2020.

Cecilia Bachmann


Cecilia's Story

In my youth, I was often forced to make choices, not because I wanted to, but rather because I had to survive.  Education became the one thing that kept me grounded, despite adversity.  I enrolled myself in 2018 here at PCC which would become life changing for me. Starting as an ESL student, I slowly discovered my interest in teaching and especially language. School became my community, my safe place.  I want to become a professor of linguistics at community colleges and in correctional institutions, giving the same opportunities and resources to system-impacted students who are re-entering their educational path, teaching others the knowledge of language and opening the doors to wisdom and success