As a specialized entity of our campus community, all members of the Pasadena City College Police Department embrace our following core values.

We value:

  1. The spirit of the human soul;
  2. The pursuit of happiness;
  3. The freedom of self expression;
  4. Our compassion for fellow human beings;
  5. The protection of life;
  6. The promotion of moral and ethical standards;
  7. The diversity of our community;
  8. The principals of our constitution;
  9. Our role as peace makers;
  10. Our hard earned American freedoms;
  11. Our opportunity to make a difference;
  12. The laws that guide our society;
  13. A safe learning environment;
  14. The honor to don a badge of controlled influence;
  15. Our motto — vigilance, honor, valor;
  16. The privilege of serving our community;
  17. The dearest love of our family and friends;
  18. The fair application of justice;
  19. The just application of fairness;
  20. The foraging of trust in the truth;
  21. Our devout dedication to each other and to our charge.

To these values we dedicate our gallant efforts and lives with a measure of humility.