Interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement? The PCC Police Department Cadet program introduces men and women to the field of law enforcement.  This part-time job is designed to develop the skills and abilities of individuals who are interested in pursuing a future career as a sworn Police Officer.  Cadets are provided with the opportunity to work a variety of assignments throughout the Police Department, including, but not limited to, the Front Desk, parking enforcement, and campus patrol.   Police Cadets may also patrol parades, school functions, state competitions, and fundraising events. 

What to Know About Being a Police Cadet

A Police Cadet is a non-sworn position similar to a Police officer trainee.  Police Cadets provide valuable support services to law enforcement in a paramilitary law enforcement environment. Police Cadets participate in training that introduces them to the fundamentals of law enforcement, and prepares them to pursue a career as a sworn police officer.

Police Cadets provide support to law enforcement as needed. Additional responsibilities include responding to medical assists, performing safety patrols at all PCC affiliated campuses.   Cadets are assigned different responsibilities within the department.  Some of the  responsibilities include parking enforcement, patrol, and administrative work.

Starting pay for a Police Cadet is $19.00/hr. 

The Police Cadet program is a part-time position that is limited to 900 hours a year.  Cadets typically work 2-3 days a week, 8 hrs. per day.  Work schedules are flexible and can accommodate school schedules.  Each month Cadets provide an Administrative Cadet Lieutenant with days and hours they are available to work.  Schedules are then created based on availability.

Shifts are available Monday-Sunday.  There are two shifts, a morning shift, and a night shift.  The morning shift is 6:30AM-3:00PM.  The night shift is 2:30PM-11:00PM.  Cadets assigned to work the Front Counter have one shift available, 10:00AM-6:00PM.

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must speak, read, and write basic English
  • An interest in law enforcement
  • Successfully Pass   
      •      Interview Process
      •      Background Process
      •      Training Program
 No.  Police Cadets are not required to possess a Guard Card.

 To apply for a cadet position:

  • Visit
  • Click "Employment Opportunities" from the Human Resources menu
  • Click on "Search and Apply for Positions" Button
  • Select "Hourly/Student" in the search section to apply for available positions.