Our priority here at Pasadena City College is to create and maintain a safe and supportive college community. Part of this means being empathetic toward diverse perspectives. To express their views, activists on campus might peacefully demonstrate, and as long as you feel safe, it’s best to be respectful and just continue with your regular schedule.

What if the demonstration is disturbing or threatening?

The PCC Police and Safety officers are ready to help. Try calling us at (626) 585-7484 as soon as you can. You can also reach them by calling 911 from a campus phone.

If you are in your car, protect yourself by locking your car doors and windows. If you are in a PCC building, speak to a nearby staff person or instructor, and lock the doors and windows (closing the window blinds also helps to protect from broken glass). If you can, try to secure any loose equipment, documents, and files, and then wait to see what staff, faculty, or police officials suggest.

What if I'm feeling overwhelmed and emotional in class? Will the instructor be able to help?

Yes! But the first step is letting someone know how you feel. If you have been absent frequently or are feeling upset or anxious, let your instructor know so he or she can talk privately with you. College can be stressful, so if you ever feel like hurting yourself, or if you hear someone else suggesting that he or she might hurt him/her self, share your feelings or observations with one of your instructors or staff. This way, we can listen to what's going on and possibly connect you or your classmate with more support through Psychological and other Student Services.

Sometimes, other students become distressed during class, so we make sure to respond according to the level of distress.

If someone interrupts the professor repeatedly or otherwise disrupts classroom activities, our faculty will set limits, consult with the dean and/or DSP&S (Disabled Student Programs & Services) or Personal Counseling and will complete a PCC Misconduct Form. If anyone feels threatened in class, or if there is an altercation, you or faculty can immediately call campus police.

Part of our job at PCC is to protect you, so police officials will promptly assess the situation, seeking help from other officials if necessary, and they will make sure threatening individuals are treated according to city, county, or state laws.

Crisis Prevention and Response Team (CPART)

CPART receives, assesses, responds to, and monitors behavior that may be disruptive, concerning or threatening. Faculty and staff should refer a student to CPART when they are exhibiting behaviors of concern in relation to their personal, physical or emotional well-being or when they are behaving in a manner that is intimidating, disruptive, aggressive or violent. Learn more about CPART services and resources here.

Refer a student of concern to CPART

Here is how you can contact members of our team: