The District's property and liability losses program is coordinated by Risk Management Services. The District is a member of the Statewide Association of Community Colleges-JPA (SWACC).  SWACC is a member owned and operated property and liability Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that provides programs and resources to specifically address its community college members exposure to loss through broad and unique coverages, specialized loss control services, trainings, fiscally responsible self-funding, and risk transfer.

Property & Liability Coverage

Liabilities claims should be reported immediately to the Executive Director of Business Services at (626) 585-7534.

Types of Claims

General liability, automobile
First Party Property Damage
DFEH and/or EEOC Complaints
Potential Claims - serious injuries/fatalities

Certificates of Insurance/Coverage

A Certificate of Insurance/Coverage (COI/C) is an advisory document the certificate holder obtains from a policyholder which confirms the existence and amount of insurance coverage available to the policyholder by an insurance company, and that the terms of coverage meet District requirements. The COI/C protects against losses that might otherwise expose the District to liability when a third-party gets injured on District premise, or District personnel or student are injured on other contracted properties.

To request a COI/C, contact the Risk Management Services Analyst at (626) 585-7177, and provide the type of coverage, effective dates, limits and certificate holders name.