All costs are estimated and subject to change.


All tuition is paid through Pasadena City College

  • Summer semester = $230.00 (5 units)
  • Fall semester = $667.00 (14.5 units)
  • Spring semester = $529.00 (11.5 units)

Certification Examination Fee = $325.00. Each student is responsible for payment of the fee which must accompany the application to take the National Certification Examination upon graduation.

Textbooks = $200.00 - $300.00 for all of the Anesthesia Technology courses

All students rotate to clinical sites throughout southern California.  Travel related expenses should be considered as they are the responsibility of each AT student.  These expenses will vary from student to student.

Total cost of the Anesthesia Technologist program is estimated to be:  $2100.00