The following are the estimated costs for the Dental Hygiene Program over two years period. Please note that prices are estimates and subject to change.

Health Screening from PCC Student Health Services*
(cost will be higher in other settings)

Item Cost
Administrative fee for services $18.00
Lab Work TBD
Hepatitis B vaccine (3 required at $52. Each) $156.00
Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine $82.00
Tdap $38.00
Varicella vaccine TBD
Physical exam $133.00

Tuition and Fees

Item Cost
Tuition per unit for CA resident minimum of 60 units (5 semesters) $46/unit $2,760.00
Health Fee Per Semester $21.00
Health Fee Per Intersession $18.00
Student Representation Fee Per Semester $2.00
Student Activity Fee Per Semester $10.00
Student Activity Fee Per Intersession $5.00

Additional Costs

Item Cost
Uniform* (6 sets are required) / 1 lab coat / Jacket/ 2 pair of shoes $500.00
Name Badge* $26.00
Instrument Kits Fall (1st semester) $2,800.00
Instrument Kits Spring (2nd semester) $4,400.00
Textbooks $1,200.00
Parking (per semester) $64.00
Parking (per intersession) $20.00
CPR card-BLS* (American Heart Association only) $70.00
Professional Memberships per year (ADHA and CDHA) $130.00
Liability Insurance per year $40.00
Licensure Examination Fees** (National written, Regional clinical, and California Law and Ethics) $1,800.00

The estimated total cost for the entire DH Program for 2 years is approximately $15,000.00

* First Year, First Semester
** Second Year, Fifth Semester
***Non California Residents and International Students can get tuition information on the Pasadena City College website under fees and tuition.