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For students who want to improve their English skills in the U.S. before enrolling full-time as a Pasadena City College (PCC) student, PCC is partnering with the following English Language Schools to offer conditional admissions.

Students who are seeking conditional admissions first start at one of our partner English Language Schools, and once you have achieved the English level required, you will be admitted as a full-time international student at PCC. Students who are seeking conditional admissions will receive a conditional admission letter from PCC and an explanation of the conditions for enrollment in the future.

Submit the following documents if you would like to be considered for conditional admissions:

  1. International Student Application
  2. Non-refundable application fee of $50
  3. Mail or email the following supporting documents
    1. Academic transcripts or records of the last school attended.
      1. If high school was the last school attended, you must submit high school transcripts only.
      2. If college/university was the last school attended, you must submit college/university transcripts only
      3. Please note: Language School transcripts do not count as academic transcripts
    2. Bank Statement or Letter showing sufficient funds
    3. Sponsor Statement Form
    4. Copy of your Passport

Submitting your application documents

Submit all documents to the address below or email it to us:

Pasadena City College
International Student Center D-204
1570 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106-2003

Our English Language Partner Schools:

After I Apply

After your language school of choice submits an application packet for you to PCC, the International Student Center will issue an admissions decision within 14 business days.

An advisor may reach out to you during this time if your documents are not complete or if they have additional questions regarding your application.

Please work with your language school of choice to receive your language admissions letter and Form I-20 from them. You will not get an I-20 from PCC until you transfer to us as a full-time student, which is once you achieve the level of English required for full-time admission at PCC.

I have been conditionally admitted. When can I start at PCC?

If you are conditionally admitted to PCC, review the conditions in your admissions letter. You must enroll at one of our partner English Language Schools and complete the conditions of your admission. You must submit final proof to the International Student Center when you are ready to enroll full-time.

Once you are ready to start PCC as a full-time student, please submit the following supporting documents:

  1. Copy of your I-20 issued by the language school of your choice
  2. Copy of your F-1 visa page (located inside your passport)
  3. Copy of letter of acceptance from the language school of your choice