PCC's academic year consists of Fall and Spring semesters. There are also two Summer intersessions that are also available for international students but are optional.

International students pay the same tuition and fees that U.S. students from other states pay. The non-resident, or “out-of-state”, tuition includes the following fees calculated for Fall and Spring semesters (on 10 months).

Student Fees




per unit

2022 - 2023 Estimated Cost of Attendance for International Students

Costs are calculated on full-time attendance (12 units) for Fall and Spring semesters
Note: Costs are updated at the beginning of every year

Fee Type Amount
Tuition and Fees
(Non-Resident Student Tuition $414/unit, Enrollment Fee $46/unit and
Capital Outlay Fee $31/unit = $491 per unit + Student Fees: $76)
Living Expenses $19,431
International Student Health Insurance $1,586
Personal Expenses $4,428
Total Annual Estimated Cost $37,305

Fall 2023 tuition payment deadline is Friday, August 25 at midnight (PST)

  • Students who have any balance greater than $0 after the tuition payment deadline will be dropped from all their classes.
  • If you previously paid your tuition and fees but have added more classes, please make sure to check your LancerPoint account before the deadline to determine if you still have a balance. 

  • If you have paid your fees but dropped from all or part of your enrollment by the refund deadline (see the Academic Calendar for the deadline for the current semester) you will be eligible for a full refund of the class fees. 

  • It is your responsibility to officially drop courses you are no longer attending within the refund period to be eligible for a refund. For more information on refunds, please visit Admission and Records.