As a way to more fully understand your new learning environment, you may want to consider getting a job during your stay.

Employment is a benefit granted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to eligible F-1 visa students who have been in good academic standing and have not violated any F-1 status rules and regulations. You should always consult an International Student Advisor first to check your eligibility before searching for a job.

Working on Campus

Getting an on-campus job is an excellent way to get to know PCC!

To get approval for on-campus employment, first you need to:

  • Be currently enrolled in 12 or more units at PCC and maintain 12 units throughout the entire semester

To get started on your employment and apply for a Social Security Number (SSN), follow these steps:

Find a department that would hire you and obtain a job offer letter from them.

Submit copy of your job offer letter and a Letter Request to ISC. A Social Security Verification Letter will be issued to you.

Apply for a Social Security Number through your local Social Security Administration office. Bring the following documents to your appointment:

  1. ISC Social Security Verification Letter
  2. Job Offer Letter
  3. Complete Application for a Social Security Card (SS-5)
  4. Original Passport
  5. Original I-20 (for students applying for CPT, I-20 with CPT endorsement)
  6. I-94

After receiving a social security number (in the mail), bring the following items to the Human Resources department at PCC to complete your hiring:

  1. Original Social Security Number
  2. ISC Social Security Verification Letter
  3. Job Offer Letter
  4. Original Passport and Visa
  5. Original I-20
  6. I-94

You can work on-campus with a maximum 20 hours per week during Fall and Spring Semesters. During Winter and Summer sessions, you may work up to 40 hours per week.

Some on-campus sites where international students have worked in the past include the Learning Assistance Center, Campus Bookstore, First Year Experience (FYE) Center, International Student Center, Science Village, JAM, PCC Police Department and Shatford Library.