PCC Pathways addresses PCC’s mission and the EMP (Mission: Critical Priorities A, B, C, D and E) by providing students with a pathway to completion.  It does so by marrying instruction and student services in a comprehensive set of practices and services to increase students’ success, persistence, and completion rates.  Our programs and practices are aligned with identified high impact practices as established by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU) and the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience.

Vision Statement

PCC Pathways provides every student with a clear pathway with effective support services and resources that lead to the successful completion of their academic goal(s).

Mission Statement

The mission of the PCC Pathways Program is to help students identify and achieve their academic goals in a timely manner, while addressing and closing equity gaps.

Pathway Outcomes

  1. Students will become engaged members of the campus community
  2. Students will utilize Pathways resources
  3. Students will complete academic goals in a timely manner
  4. Students will increase knowledge about the relationship between major and career

Jam Outcomes

  1. Students will develop a sense of connection to the campus community
  2. Students will increase knowledge of campus resources

  3. Students will identify academic goals

  4. Students will explore the relationship between career, major, and higher education

Coaching Outcomes

  1. Students will utilize coaching services

  2. Students will utilize appropriate support services and resources to overcome barriers to academic success

Tutoring Outcomes

  1. Students will utilize tutoring services

  2. Students will develop effective study skill habits

College 1 Outcomes

  1. Students will develop a sense of belonging on campus

  2. Student will develop their academic skills

  3. Students will analyze career options related to their major.

PCC Pathways: 2017 Assessment Plan