PCC FYE Pathways starts student on their path to completing their academic goals. Students have access to the FYE Pathways study center and Student Success Teams to ensure their learning. They also beging to explore career and major choices and engage in campus life.

Summer Orientation JAM

JAM was designed to help students make a smooth transition from high school to college. It is a no-credit, no-cost program that integrates goal setting, career and major exploration, and financial literacy with fun and engaging orientation-to-college activities.

During JAM, students meet their Student Success Team, comprised of counselors, coaches, and peer tutors. They also become acquainted with campus resources, make friends, and get ready for the fall semester.

Student Success Team

Student Success Team members work together to address the special needs of Pathways students. Students are introduced to their team in Year 1 and continue to have access in Years 2 and 3.  

Counselors are available in the Student Services Building (L-Building) and, at designated times, in the Pathways Centers. They help Pathways students explore career options, create education plans, answer questions about transferring, degrees, and certificates, and address non-cognitive factors that impact academic success.

Success Coaches are graduate students, most often in counseling programs. They assist Pathways students academically and personally by directing them to campus resources and provide them with strategies for college success.

First Year Seminar

College 1, "One Book, One College," and the First Year Student Conference

PCC’s first year seminar, College 1, is a 3-unit UC/CSU-transferrable course required of all Pathways students. It provides them with a rigorous academic experience while developing the academic and personal behaviors necessary to succeed in college.

As part of College 1, students participate in the “One Book, One College” initiative, which culminates with guest speakers and related events as well as the Student Conference, which celebrates first-year student work.

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