Who Needs to Apply?

You need to complete an Application to PCC if:

  1. You have never been a student at PCC
  2. You haven't attended PCC for a year or more (i.e. you missed both Fall and Spring semester).
  3. You are attending or have attended PCC as a concurrent enrollment (High School or K-8 student).
  4. You submitted an application for a future semester, but now wish to attend PCC for the current semester.
  5. You applied for a previous term but did not enroll in classes.

Admissions Eligibility

You may be eligible for admission to Pasadena City College if you are:

  • A high school graduate.
  • Not a high school graduate but over 18 years of age.
  • A 12th-grade-or-below student who is recommended by the school principal for advanced academic or vocational classes, has the approval of the student's parent(s) (if under 18 years old), meets the college's special admissions criteria, and is approved for admission by the Associate Dean of Admissions and Records.

Open Enrollment Policy

PCC has an Open Enrollment policy, which means we have an nonselective, noncompetitive, and inclusive admissions process. As long as you meet the college's Admissions Eligibility Criteria, you will be allowed to enroll in classes at PCC!

Read Open Enrollment Policy

Check Your Eligibility

Graduates of accredited high schools are eligible for admission to Pasadena City College and enrollment in any course for which you are qualified. Many courses have prerequisites or academic preparation which are strongly recommended. Certain two-year curricula have special admission requirements.

If you have not met all the subject or grade requirements for enrollment in courses as outlined for the curriculum of your choice, you may make up these deficiencies at Pasadena City College through courses designed especially for the purpose.

If you are applying for the Fall semester and you will be graduating in June or earlier, please enter the information on your application as if you have already graduated. Apply Now

If you are applying for summer and will be graduating after the summer session starts in May, please complete your application as a student who is still enrolled in high school. You will be required to submit a "Special Recommendation" form signed by the high school for your summer classes. Apply Now.

If you are currently enrolled in high school, you can enrolled at Pasadena City College to satisfy a high school course requirement and/or get a jump-start on college courses.

Apply to PCC

Next steps after you apply

Students are admitted to summer intersessions upon meeting the requirements. A resident student completing the preceding semester in good academic standing at a university or other four-year accredited college may be admitted to summer intersessions without providing transcripts. Veterans expecting to apply for assistance under a state or federal bill, or nonresidents, must, however, have all their transcripts on file. 

Advanced Standing

Applicants in good standing from other accredited colleges or universities are accepted for admission if your work at prior institutions meets the standards established by Pasadena City College.

Official transcripts of college and high school records are required.

Please visit PCC's International Student Program website for eligibility requirements. 

Visit International Students Website 

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