Veteran's G.I. Bill® Assistance

If you are a Veteran applying to PCC for the first time, you will follow the same application and enrollment steps as non-veteran students.

Additionally, you will need to submit the following documents to the Veterans Clerk in the Veterans Resource Center in W-108 to be certified for benefits:

Required Documents

  1. Report of Separation from Active Duty (DD214).

  2. The Veterans Clerk may request other documents necessary to complete the application for benefits. You must submit official transcripts from all colleges you attended within your first semester of attendance at Pasadena City College. Failure to provide transcripts may result in termination of veteran benefits. 

Notification of Changes

You are responsible for notifying the Veterans Clerk in the Records office:

  1. Any changes in units, address, marital status, or dependents.

  2. Termination of program.

Certain restrictions apply to V.A. benefits. Each veteran is responsible for meeting them. Veterans should obtain a copy of "Veterans Statement of Responsibility'' from the Veterans Resource Center in W-108 before registering for classes.