General Rules for Repeating Courses

The general rules for repetition of courses are as follows (see exceptions below in Courses Repeatable for Credit):

  1. You may not repeat a class in which you earned a grade of C or better.

  2. You are allowed up to two repeats to earn credit for a class when the previous grades you earned were substandard (D, F, W, NP). You may petition for a fourth enrollment when the three previous attempts resulted in a D, F, W, or NP.

  3. You may not enroll in two sections of the same course in any one semester, regardless of whether or not the course is repeatable for credit.

Conditions of Repeating Courses

Repetition of courses (other than those noted below in Courses Repeatable for Credit) is subject to the following conditions:

  1. A course may be repeated twice without petition when the previous two grades earned were substandard (D, F or NP). Exceptions for an additional repeat may be granted by petition where the previous grade was the result of extenuating circumstances (defined as verified cases of accident, illness, or similar difficulties).

  2. No additional units of credit will be allowed for repeated courses.

  3. For courses in which D or F grades were earned, a C or better must be earned to have the substandard grade disregarded from calculating in your grade point average.

    Although the original substandard grades will not be calculated in your GPA, it will appear on your transcript and will not be removed. Your PCC transcript is considered a true history of coursework completed at PCC.

Courses Repeatable for Credit:

Certain courses may be repeated for additional experience and credit, and are so identified in their course descriptions by a "maximum credit" notation. You may enroll in one of these exception courses once per semester and as many times as allowable until the maximum credit is earned. For repeatable courses, a maximum of two substandard grades may be alleviated to improve your GPA.