Registering for classes is a new skill you must develop as a PCC student. During the weeks leading up to Registration, we offer Pre-Registration support for you to learn how to register for your classes correctly and problem solve if something goes wrong.

    Our Pre-Registration workshops will be held April 3 - May 20th. We encourage you to attend! Our Pathways FYE staff will help you navigate LancerPoint to create your class schedule, access your PCC email, and clear holds you may have on your account.

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    Note: Please have your First Year Plan, which you created with a counselor during your New Student Counseling session, available to help guide your selection of classes.


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    While not required, a pre-registration workshop is strongly encouraged to help you to understand the registration process and ensure you are prepared to register when your date comes.

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    It's almost time to sign up for classes. Your next step is to check your registration date and add classes on your assigned day & time.

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