Pasadena Area Community College District (District) is a multicultural community of people from diverse racial, ethnic, linguistic and class backgrounds, with a variety of national origins, religions and political beliefs, physical and mental abilities, and sexual orientations. We recognize the nexus between workforce diversification and the District's educational goals and mission. Our activities, programs, classes, workshops, lectures, and the everyday interactions of the District are enriched by our inclusion and acceptance of one another as we strive to work together and learn from each other in an environment of positive engagement and mutual respect.

In March 2014, our Board of Trustees adopted the District Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEO Plan), which reflects the District's commitment to equal employment opportunity. Within the EEO Plan is a mandate that the District shall maintain an Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (Committee) to assist the District in implementing the Plan. To that end, the Committee was formed in accordance with Title 5 section 53003.


The purpose of the Committee is to assist the District in developing and implementing its EEO Plan as required under Title 5 section 53003. The Committee shall also, when appropriate, act as an advisory body to the Board of Trustees, the President/Superintendent, and the Executive Director of Human Resources. The committee shall help promote understanding and support of equal employment opportunity policies and procedures regarding nondiscrimination, retention and diversity throughout the District campus community.

Committee Composition

The Committee shall include a diverse membership whenever possible. The Committee shall be composed of three (3) faculty members, three (3) classified members, three (3) administrators/managers, and two (2) students. Ex-officio members shall include the President/Superintendent and Executive Director of Human Resources.

Groups Represented

  • Management Association
  • Classified Senate
  • Academic Senate
  • Associated Students
  • Human Resources

Committee Representatives

2019/20 Committee TBA


The Committee shall hold a minimum of four (4) meetings per academic year, with additional meetings to be scheduled as needed to review EEO and diversity efforts, programs, policies, and progress. The Committee shall meet annually on the:

  • First Wednesday of August
  • First Friday of November
  • First Friday of February
  • First Wednesday of May