Experience the German language and culture like no other community college in the area! Our German program offers a list of courses that cover everything from basic to advanced language skills as well as German literature and civilization.

The German program at Pasadena City College offers courses in language, literature, culture, and civilization of the German-speaking countries. It is our goal to help you reach proficiency in these domains and to encourage you to apply your knowledge in disciplines such as history, music, art, art history, business, engineering, and international relations.

Our dynamic and student-oriented curriculum offers rigorous beginning and intermediate language courses which provide you with the necessary linguistic tools to function in standard situations in a German-speaking environment. In other words, you are guided through stages of proficiency in your understanding of grammatical concepts, speaking, reading and reading comprehension, and writing.

The goals of our literature and culture and civilization classes are to foster your cultural awareness and to build bridges between the American and the German cultures and literary traditions. The combination of classroom studies and cultural experiences should prepare you to have meaningful interactions with German speakers and to understand and appreciate cultural differences.

On campus, you are given the opportunity to engage in a variety of extracurricular activities provided by the Germania Culture Club, movie nights, museum trips, and visits to local beer gardens, Oktoberfest, etc.

Finally, in order to build on and expand the students’ classroom knowledge, every year you are offered the opportunity to join study trips to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and to participate in the student exchange through the Pasadena Sister Cities Committee.

We offer beginning and intermediate German language courses as well as a variety of culture and history courses. Use the links below to see full course descriptions and the current schedule of classes.

German | Associate in Arts (AA) Degree

Major in German AND earn a degree. By completing the German major program at PCC you will earn an AA degree in German as well as complete many of your lower division major requirements to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in German prior to transferring to a four-year university.

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Foreign Language Proficiency in German | Occupational Skills Certificate

Demonstrate your proficiency in the German Language with an Occupational Skills Certificate! A certificate is available in Basic Proficiency in German (12-13 unit certificate).

Certificate Completion

To earn an Occupational Skills Certificate you must complete all required courses with a C or better. After completing course requirements, complete the Certificate Application and return to the Languages Office, C-247.

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As a PCC student studying German, you be may be eligible for the following scholarships:

  • Clara Bate Giddings Scholarship  - For Excellence in the German Language
  • Henry F. Cordelius - For Excellence in the German Language

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The Germania Culture Club

The Germania Culture Club not only focuses on German culture, strives to foster enthusiasm for all German speaking cultures.

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