If you’re interested in taking a foreign language course at PCC and already have previous knowledge of the language you plan to study, you can start at a higher level by taking the Foreign Language Placement Test. This test will save you time by making sure that you don’t repeat any coursework that you’ve already taken and placing you at the appropriate level.

Who Needs to Take the Placement Test?

You will need to take the test if you have had a background in the language that you have selected to study at PCC. Examples of a background in the language include previously taking courses in the language or being a native speaker of the language.

If you don't have prior experience in a language, then you do not need to take the placement test. Instead, begin with level 1 of the language you have selected.

How to Take the Placement Test

You will be assessed by one of our faculty members. Please email the Languages & Division at languages@pasadena.edu for more information.

Additional Information about the Placement Test

  1. You can clear prerequisite classes by taking the placement test. For example, if you are a native speaker of Spanish and wish to start at level 3, you can take the placement test to clear the prerequisites to be able to enroll in level 3.
  2. You may not take the placement test to receive credit for a course.
  3. You might not be able to receive credit in elementary courses (semesters 1 & 2 of a language) of a foreign language offered at PCC if that language is the primary language in which you received your secondary education.