Learn a foreign language at PCC that is spoken locally, is in demand by the U.S. government, and is among the ten most commonly spoken languages worldwide! PCC's Russian program is the perfect place to get started learning Russian with our intro and intermediate level language courses and Russian Civilization course. You'll have the chance to increase your future job marketability while learning all about Russia's cultural achievements in art, literature, and the scientific community at the same time!

Russia's intricate history and rich culture have yielded unparalleled arts, literature, and scientific achievements. The Russian Federation remains an ever-relevant national force, boasting the planet's largest landmass, vast natural energy holdings, and the eighth largest population in the world. PCC Russian Studies brings this world power into perspective with contextual experiences in its language and culture.

Russian is designated as a "critical need" language by the U.S. government, with speakers increasingly in demand in the global workplace. It is among the 10 most commonly spoken languages worldwide and one of the six official languages of the United Nations. U.S. residents fluent in less commonly studied languages like Russian gain a significant edge in hiring and expand their career opportunities in such areas as international business, diplomatic relations, national security, and interpretation and translation.

Los Angeles is home to the fifth largest Russian-American community in the U.S. and the largest on the West coast, positioning PCC to service both native Russian speakers seeking continued education and locally headquartered Russian businesses in need of bilingual employees

We offer beginning and intermediate Russian language courses as well as Russian for business and travel. Use the links below to see full course descriptions and the current schedule of classes.

Russian | Associate in Arts (AA) Degree

Major in Russian AND earn a degree. By completing the Russian major program at PCC you will earn an AA degree in Russian as well as complete many of your lower division major requirements to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian prior to transferring to a four-year university.

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Foreign Language Proficiency in Russian | Occupational Skills Certificate

Demonstrate your proficiency in the Russian Language with an Occupational Skills Certificate! Certificates are available in Basic Proficiency in Russian (12 unit certificate) and Intermediate Proficiency in Russian (13 unit certificate).

Certificate Completion

To earn an Occupational Skills Certificate you must complete all required courses with a C or better. After completing course requirements, complete the Certificate Application and return to the Languages Office, C-247.

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